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Járngerðar hátíð

Our elite team of experts
from Iceland, North America, and Europe

Jeff Pringle

Jeff Pringle
Bladesmith, researcher, and iron smelter

Jeff’s careful observation of historical swords allows him to make swords indistinguishable from the real thing. To prevent unscrupulous people from reselling them as genuine, Jeff has been known to put in intentional clues that the weapon is modern.

Lee Jones

Dr. Lee Jones
Independent scholar, author, and expert on Viking weapons

Lee is an expert in historical Viking-age weapons, and his knowledge in this field is so broad and deep that some wonder if perhaps he sold his soul to acquire it. Lee will be one of the featured speakers in the evening lecture series.

Mikko Moilanen

Dr. Mikko Moilanen
Smith and scholar
Author of the Book Marks of Fire, Value and Faith

Mikko is a rare combination of hands-on smith and academic researcher whose book is a milestone in understanding Viking swords. Mikko is one of our featured speakers in the evening lectures series.

James Austin

James Austin
Blacksmith and expert in axes
author of the instructional video How to Forge a Viking Axe

Jim is the go-to man for making Viking axes, both tools and weapons. His deep research allows him to understand the ancient process, which he teaches in classes and instructional videos, and which he uses to make exquisite replica axes.

Bjarnheiður Jóhannsdóttir

Bjarnheiður Jóhannsdóttir
manager of Eiríksstaðir
expert in clay and high temperature materials

Without the help of Bjarnheiður, we would be sunk. She keeps our research on the path most likely to give successful results, thanks to her deep knowledge of high-temperature materials and clay for furnaces, and her experience using these materials.

Fanndís Huld Valdimarsdóttir

Fanndís Huld Valdimarsdóttir
artist in glass and ceramics
expert in high temperature materials

Fanndís has long worked with glass and ceramic art made in high-temperature ovens, and her knowledge of Viking-age glass bead making has guided us in our thinking about our iron furnaces. Fanndís will be demonstrating her glass bead work at the festival.

Margrét Hrönn Hallmundardóttir
Náttúrustofa Vestfjarða
Currently excavating ancient iron-making sites in Arnarfjörður

Margrét is perhaps our favorite archaeologist, eager to understand and replicate the tools and processes she uncovers in her excavations. The data we collect at our festival will be the basis for her next thesis.

Snæbjörn Guðmundsson

Snæbjörn Guðmundsson
specialist in high temperature materials

Snæbjörn has helped us understand what natural materials can be found in Iceland that are suitable for the high temperatures of our iron furnaces, and we are grateful for his advice.

Bjarki Sigurðsson

Bjarki Sigurðsson
Foreman of forestry

Bjarki is our expert in wood, forestry, and charcoal, but also the man we turn to for doing things well and correctly in every way. Bjarki is the reigning champion of the Icelandic lumberjack competition for several years running.

Guðmundur Stefán Sigurðsson

Guðmundur Stefán Sigurðsson
Minjastofnun Íslands
Recently excavated the ancient iron-making site at Skógar

Guðmundur is our other favorite archaeologist. His detailed explanation of what he found at his excavation of the iron making site at Fnjóskadalur have guided us in our furnace designs for the festival.

Dr. William R. Short
manager of Hurstwic, LLC
independent scholar and author

After earning a Doctor of Science degree from MIT and spending several decades in technical research, William gave it all up to become a full-time Viking at Hurstwic. While much of the focus is on Viking combat, he is interested in all things Viking.

Emiliano Carrillo

Emiliano Carrillo
bladesmith and iron smelter

Emiliano is not only an experienced smelter, but he is the smith who takes the bloomery iron created and turns it into beautiful tools and weapons. Some examples of Emiliano's work will be part of the show-and-tell at the festival.

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