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In the past, Hurstwic offered a regular series of informal presentations and discussions on topics of interest to heathens and to anyone with a passion for Norse-related topics. At this time, no further meetings are planned. I thank those who have presented and all of those who have joined us to learn about and to celebrate with us the ancient ways of northern Europe.

The presentations included:




4-Apr-2016Religion, Myth, and Cult in the Viking AgeWilliam R. Short
2-May-2016Runes - An Introduction and Then SomeEthan C.
6-Jun-2016Modern Heathenry: History, Influences, and General Beliefs Matthew Nachtrieb
11-Jul-2016Life After Death in the Viking AgeWilliam R. Short
1-Aug-2016Alfs, Trolls, and Other Beings, part 1Ethan C.
12-Sep-2016Heathenry Today: Where Have Our Roots Led Us?Staci Graves
3-Oct-2016Time and World: Passage of Time and Seasons in the Ancient Heathen WorldviewMatthew Nachtrieb
7-Nov-2016The Coexistence of Heathenry and Christianity in the Viking AgeWilliam R. Short
5-Dec-2016Home for the (Heathen) HolidaysEmily Randall
10-Jan-2017Making the Mission / Fighting in GinnugagapEthan C. / Matthew Nachtrieb
6-Feb-2017Screening of Hurstwic's film: The Final Battle of Grettir the Strong 
6-Mar-2017Game session: Play testing a new Norse Mythology gameReynir A.
3-Apr-2017The Walking Dead in the Sagas: Zombies of the Viking AgeWilliam R. Short
1-May-2017The Heathen SoulMatthew Nachtrieb
5-Jun-2017Roundtable Discussion 
10-Jul-2017Alfs, Trolls, and Other Beings, Part 2 - DwarfsEthan C.
7-Aug-2017Women in the Viking AgeStaci Graves and Emily Randall
11-Sep-2017Loki: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and to Love ţetta reddastBarbara Wechter
2-Oct-2017Roundtable Discussion 
6-Nov-2017The Poetic Edda and Eddic PoetryWilliam R. Short
28-Dec-2017Yule Feast 
8-Jan-2018The Wild Hunt: Furious Hosts and Shadow ProcessionsTrish Basford
5-Feb-2018Do You Want Me to Turn Towards You?William R. Short
5-Mar-2018Roundtable Discussion 
2-Apr-2018Trolls in the Viking AgeWilliam R. Short
7-May-2018Food and Feasting in the Viking AgeStaci Graves
4-Jun-2018Forging Relationships within the Heathen CommunityEthan C.
9-Jul-2018Mead Making - Then and NowEmily Sandblade and Kyle Marrotte
6-Aug-2018Forging a Mythic Past: Searching for National Identities through Folklore and MythologyPatrick Bessey
10-Sep-2018The Modern Practice of ÁsatrúDevin Rogers
8-Oct-2018The Norse Discovery of AmericaGergory Lott
5-Nov-2018What Did the Vikings Sing? Reconstructing Norse and Viking MusicLynn Noel
3-Dec-2018Yule Feast 
7-Jan-2019An Examination of Liđ: Then and NowEthan C.
4-Feb-2019The Norse Discovery of America: Part TwoGergory Lott
4-Mar-2019The Icelandic RunesWilliam R. Short
1-Apr-2019Game Night: Play testing a new Rune game Reynir A.
6-May-2019Occult Archaeology: magic and runes in continuumTeresa Dröfn Freysdóttir Njarđvík
3-Jun-2019Approaching Old Norse ReligionsÓlöf Bjarnadóttir
1-Jul-2019Sacrificial blót stones of IcelandKári Pálsson
5-Aug-2019The way of the Völva: how it became my way and how I follow that wayGudrun Victoria Gotved
9-Sep-2019Roundtable Discussion 


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