Introductory Viking Combat Training Workshop
for Younger Vikings

age 10-14 years
Hurstwic has moved out of Valhalla, our dedicated Viking combat training hall, as we change the nature of our training program. Accordingly, we are unable to offer training workshops until we secure a new facility. Contact us for more information.


• Are you preparing for your first Viking raid?

• Are you showing signs of turning into a berserker? Biting your shield? Howling like a wolf?

• Have you watched Vikings on television or in video games and wondered how Vikings really fought?

Viking raiders
spear throwing

Find out for yourself! Join us to learn the fundamentals of Viking combat in Hurstwic's introductory Viking combat training workshop for younger Vikings.

steal-the-knife competition
Higgins Armory Museum

In the past, we offered these training workshops for young Vikings at Higgins Armory Museum (left) in Worcester, when the museum was open. More recently, we trained at Hurstwic's dedicated Viking combat training facility in Millbury, MA, USA.

skjoldur illuga drill
knife game

In this hands-on 90-minute workshop, you will learn how to cut with a Viking sword and how to defend with a Viking shield. You will play some of the competitive games that Viking-age people enjoyed. And in the process, you will learn about Viking history and culture. No experience is required, and all necessary equipment will be supplied.

skjoldur illuga shield drill


The fee for the workshop is $50. Your space must be reserved and paid for in advance. "Drop-in" students can not be accommodated, and space is limited. Students in this workshop must be 10-14 years of age. (We also offer workshops for older Vikings.)

When the date has been set, you may reserve and pay for your space using the link that will be visible to the right.

Klamhogg, a last-man-standing competition

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and athletic footwear, if possible. All other training gear will be provided. There is a water cooler in the training room, but students may want to bring their own water to stay hydrated.

Students must be between 10 and 14 years of age, and we will require a parent or guardian to sign a liability waiver form in the presence of a Hurstwic instructor before the workshop begins. (If your young Viking is close to, but outside this age limit, please contact us. We're eager to find a way to include your young Viking in our training program.)

knife game

We welcome parents or guardians to observe, but seating space is very limited, and for safety reasons, we may restrict the number and location of observers. Yet, for some drills, we may ask parents or guardians to join in the fun!


We invite young Vikings to join us to learn more about the Viking people and about how they fought and used their weapons. It's nothing like what you've seen on the television show.

Look at photos from our last workshop here, in a public Facebook album

If you're an older, more experienced Viking, please join us for our introductory Viking combat training workshop for adults.

klamhogg, a last-man-standing competition

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